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Chali World Ft Proskana – Promise Me [Prod The Upgrade]

Chali World unveils the stirring track “Promise Me,” a collaborative effort featuring the talented artist Proskana, produced by the skilled maestro The Upgrade. The song delves into the intricate world of promises, trust, and commitment. Chali World’s poignant lyrics, paired with Proskana’s emotive performance, convey a sense of sincerity and vulnerability that resonates deeply. The Upgrade’s production adds layers of emotion and depth to “Promise Me,” creating a poignant and unforgettable piece that explores the complexities of trust and assurance within relationships.

Promise Me

With its melodic and emotionally charged composition, “Promise Me” stands as a moving ode to the nuances of promises, making it a relatable and memorable song that strikes a chord with those who’ve encountered the intricacies of trust in their own lives.

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